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Milford ON

Drive with me on quiet country back roads along the Taste Trail or sail the waters surrounding Prince Edward County. Wineries, breweries, sustainable farms, artisanal cheese makers, it’s no secret why the Globe and Mail called Prince Edward County “the gastronomic capital of Ontario”. 


Tour Packages

Looking for a unique tour of the County? My tours are totally private and are customized based on our conversations at the beginning of your tour.

Tour of the East

Visit and taste amazing wines at 3-4 wineries during your totally private tour.Se

Possibly experience a honey tasting, sip some mead wine or experience some of the County's craft beers.                                                                        See how a cooper puts together wine barrels using local and imported woods and taste his vinegars aged in various wine barrels.
Taste wines, ciders as well as County made cheeses.

Duration: 4-4 1/2 hours
Cost: $250 per couple, $450 for two couples
Capacity: 4 people

Tour of the West

Visit and taste amazing wines at 4-5 wineries.
Possibly visit the lavender farm as well the County's alpaca farm.
Visit one of the County's craft breweries as well as the County's only distillery.

Duration: 4-4 1/2 hours
Cost: $250 per couple, $450 for two couples
Capacity: 4 people

Custom Tour of the County

What about considering a full day tour?
I will work with you to design a days outing sipping wines, beers and ciders as well as tasting cheeses and vinegars, and watching barrels being 'toasted'. The day can include a visit to a century old light house and  Canada's best sandy beaches. Enjoy a complimentary lunch which includes your choice of beverage.
Duration: 7-8 hours
Cost: $450 per couple, $820 for 2 couples
Capacity: 4 people


In order to confirm a tour I will need where you are staying and a cell phone number in case of emergencies. No deposit is required. All I ask is that if for any reason you need to cancel, you give me as much notice as possible.

Please note that all my tours are totally private!